How To Get The Most Of Your Tyres

Fri 28 Nov 2014

Looking after your tyres is an essential part of keeping your car running as efficiently and safely as possible. There are many factors that will have an implication on the health of your tyres which in turn affect their performance and the safety of your vehicle. As vehicle specialists at STL Service Centre, we work in partnership with Leicester Tyres to provide you with handy guides of things to consider when caring for your tyres. As always, if you need any help just pop in and see us!

Winter vs. Summer Tyres

The debate over switching between winter and summer tyres continues to rage on with many motorists wondering if there are indeed any benefits to switching. Check out this video from Auto Express who conducted a series of tests between the two, you might find some of the results surprising.


If the tyres on your car are either under or over inflated then this can cause wear and tear which will gradually lower the performance of your vehicle. You can check your tyre pressure at many petrol stations or alternatively you can pick up one of these handy little gadgets from the AA so that you can test your tyres anywhere.


The legal minimum thread depth for your tyres is 1.6 mm, and making sure that they are the right depth is essential to keeping your car safe and roadworthy. This video from the RAC will show you how easy it is to check the thread depth on your tyres as well as give you a few hints and tips of what to look out for.


If the alignment on your vehicle is not correct or if the suspension components have excessive wear then this will put additional impact upon the tyres, giving them a shorter life span.

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