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How To Get The Most Of Your Tyres

Fri 28 Nov 2014

Looking after your tyres is an essential part of keeping your car running as efficiently and safely as possible. There are many factors that will have an implication on the health of your tyres which in turn affect their performance and the safety of your vehicle. As vehicle specialists at STL Service Centre, we work […]

The Good Garage Scheme & Why You Should Choose Us

Sat 04 Jan 2014

Knowing which garage to choose is a conundrum for motorists everywhere, particularly if you have no experience of garages in your area – how do you trust the garages who claim to be affordable, honest and reliable, and how do you sort the trustworthy from the ‘less than reputable’?

Five Signs Your Tyres Need Replacing

Sun 28 Jul 2013

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of your tyres. Easy, that is, until they become unusable due to damage, or an unsafe tyre bursts while you’re driving at 70 miles an hour with your family in the car. It sounds like a worst case scenario, but of all the things that can go wrong with

New Website Launched

Wed 27 Mar 2013

Welcome to our brand new website. Please check back for regular updates, testimonials and special offers.